Esakal moon sign horoscope

Focus on your positive ideas for the future rather than the petty arguments of others. And about time, too! It's definitely a day to celebrate, and you're eager to relax with some of your nearest and dearest. Everyone will enjoy themselves, even if you do all eat or drink too much. Such is life!

Your inner emotions and feelings re-surface, as the week begins.

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This can be attributed to the full Moon, which tends to amplifies emotional reactions and hidden thoughts. Are you worried about an ongoing issue in your committed or married relationship? This may also be related to a long-term relationship of another type — … [Read more As the Moon meets Rahu in the 5th House from your Sign - at the beginning of the week, there is a possibility that you may be tempted to try every possible way to earn money.

Ganesha shows the red signal here; unethical ways may seem easy, but they always bring unhappiness in the end. Jupiter, the ruler of your 9th House of luck and fortune, is moving in the retrograde direction. Besides, Saturn is also retrograde currently. Things may not have been hunky dory in your domains of relationships, monetary or societal interactions.

You may feel lonely or short-changed.

Has someone betrayed you? The anxiety over this will pull you down further, reminds Ganesha. A dream relationship may be on your mind, as you want someone — either on the personal or professional front — who would inspire you, drive you and bring out the best in you. Taurus 21st April to 21st May: Your material aspirations seem to have struck a roadblock lately.

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Despite best efforts your business endeavors may not give you the results, you had expected. Professionally too, probably, things are stagnant or frustrating.

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Your weekly horoscope 30th April to 6th May, analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and its impact on your life. The bad mouthing, economic losses of 12 th Saturn now start recovering. Saturn takes you away from near and dear ones, either mentally or physically. You have tons of reality check with the people you thought were close to you. The folks that stay close to you in this period are self less and not expecting any material gains form you.

As you have or were forced to redesign yourself in the 12 th house Saturn 2. The first Shani being in the Dharma Duty Trikon — you again get a good position slowly. Of course one rashi has 30 degrees and Shani movement of 2. For example Shani in Dhanu would immediate start effects to Moola nakshatra and then Poorvashadha and then Uttarshadha in the Viral or thru water diseases is a possibility. However, it starts bring mass-base back, allows you to execute your plans now.

But it might not start new income for you for all these 2. The Last 2.

The focus is now your overall family: common issues with the family. The earlier financial investments that you have made or you might need to make.

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This Shani makes person take dispassionate calls about the wealth management. Some practical and tough calls would need to be made about inheritance and family and self-wealth. It is NOT a period of high risk trading for sure! This is independent of the previous mistakes than Shani exposes in this last leg of Sadesati! In your horoscope planets in house next to moon or 8 th house from moon make matters much worse as they have affected factors mentioned above right from the start!

It also shows hereditary estate etc. We should rather thank Saturn for Sadesati as it gives us the reality check of our life. The lessons are Sadesati are good enough to shine and enjoy life in real-sense with a newfound wisdom for next 22 years after Sadesati. He was at odds with Govt during that time.

After end of he came out of Sadesati. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Shows illness or health issues of your father. It shows your health w. Check examples of this at the end of the article. When Saturn goes over your Patrika Mars, it gives reality check w. It shows issues w. It also shows side effects of wars, sports activities, extra competitive spirit that you might have.

It also shows side effects of hard work, aggression and also at times shows issues with the land that you might have purchased or own. Mars is Karak of Sports, Wars, siblings, blood, aggression, land, and copper apart from other things. So one has some learnings with these things.

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This is especially troubling to the military people or sports people or warriors or real estate agents etc. It is your misuse of power and irregularity of temperament, mishandling of relatives, friends that comes to bite you in the axx once the mighty support of 10 th and 11 th Saturn is over!! Negligence of several aspects of life due to increased importance of some aspects is also brought to notice in Sadesati. You need to deal with your own issues and nothing else. They could be of money, masses, politics, relatives, studies, career and what not.

Shani will make you lean and mean after Sadesati is done and you would be a King or a King maker after sadesati in the 3 rd house Shani movements..!

He signed many movies in that period and had 6 flops in ! He had to reinvent and back to basics to get success again in Rowdy Rathore.

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Amitabh Bachchan Tula rashi was 1 to 10 when Saturn last time was in Cancer and Leo sign 9 th , 10 th and 11 th to his Moon sign:: from June to end. He is having similar period from May to Sept