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This Planet is causative for Power. Life aspect - Jupiter.

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Man's life, Respect, Prosperity. His health has to be depicted by analyzing the causatives of the planets those associate with Jupiter. Women's Life aspect - the Causative Planet is Venus. In such a situation, if lifc saving Venus casts his aspect, the impediments for the native will get warded off. The Dragon Head is the causative Planet for this aspect. In compliance with the causative factor of the planet associated with Dragon Head, the aspect of Grandfather would be depicted. The fortune of the maternal Grandmother would be told after taking in to consideration the karakatwas of the.

Planets associated with Dragon tail. Further, it is pertinent to note that it is quite an important factor to tally the rank and strength of the Planets i. It is explained hereunder the method of co nsidering combinations of two Planets, three Planets and fourPlanets while observing the Horoscope. Along with the planetary combinations, their numerical order has also been given. The numerical order of the Planets is: - 1. Sun 2. Mars 4. Mercury 5. Venus 7. Saturn 8. Dragon Head9. Dragon tail. There will be slight change in the result also.

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As these three Planets are located in thesame directional sign. This combinationindi cates that the native is very lucky. After arriving at the planetary combination, the result would be delineated accordingly. As thesethree Planetsare inthe same directional sign. Asstated earlier, thecombination of Planets will apply to thischanalso. In view of thi s combination, it is learnt that Father will be ponderer of Salvation, has reputation inthe Government and Society andpossesses Self realization. These three Planets arein the samedirectionalsign.

In this illustration. It is deduced from this tri-planetarycombination that the Mother is Pious, Knowledgeable in Salvation matters, generousin feeding. So, it is observed from this, the native resides in a differentplace and travels to a distant place. These three Planets are in the samedi rectional sign. There is interchange betw een Jupiter - Saturn in this chart.

Because of this interc hange ,. Jupiter enters Pisces and Saturn enters Aquarius. From this, it is observed that the native is aware of co ncealed matters, sees Pros perity and glory from sh adow related art and earns sufficient money. There is interchange of Ju piter in this co mbination. Ju piter is life causative Jecvakaraka. Th is aspec t makes the native to be devout with the nature of imparting Knowledge to others. He possesses the Prestigious, independent, dominating profession with significant fortu ne.

In thiscombination. This indicatesthat the Wife is very fortunate and has fortune of Luxury. By the fortune of his wife, the native acquires Vehicle and Storeyed house. When Saturnenters the houseofJupiter during transit. This indicates the fortune of two Marriages to the native. It is depicted that there is great peril la one of the wives. This is the case ofconj unction of four Planets.

Apart from the fortunes mentioned above, the native, in additionto acquiring gOCK1 aspects from wife's factor willhave disturbed mind. In this manner, by making combinations of Planets, the effects have to be inferred. Based on the zodiacal directions, Planets are classified. His description - based on the causative factors of the Planets associated with Jupiter.

For this combina tion. The native is ignorant and a bit wild natured. He is stout. His birth place is an ordinary place. The education ca usative Planet Mercury is Aqua sig n along with movement Moon. On the ninth there from. Because of this, the native cannot get thoroughly educated. He is educated. The Sun repre se nts Fa ther. Cous ins became foes to his Fath er. Dragon Head and Saturn are enemies to Sun. Saturn indicates blood relation.

Because of this, it is deduced that the Father eamcd the blessings of Gum after successfully facing the difficulties. In the secon d to Sun, the co mbination of Art indicator Moon and talkative Mercury is there. From this , it is inferred that Fa ther is hon ored by Guru, scholar in Music, Vedas and Self realization. It is noted that the Fat her possessed cu ltivable lands. The Mother causative Moon is located in his own house along with relation representing Mercury.

This denotes that Mother is from relative side. Moon- Mercury are located in one and the same sign, thcre from in the ninth, there is Mars. This indi cates thatMothersuffe rs fromcold and ill health frequently. As they nrc associated with Moon. The second signto this antic lock-wise Planet is Northernsign. His Mother is benevolent and generous in feeding,. In view of this, it is stated that the native is the eldest son. It may be notedthat if there is the aspect of Jupiter in this planetary combination from the seventh, such persons will acquireexpertise in two facul ties or if Jupi ter is in the second to these planets, fi rst there will be break in theeducation and later on Prosperity will come.

Mercury is in association of Moon. From this, it is noted that the youngest Brother acquires Education and Prosperity in a different place. As there is Dragon Tail in the second eastern sign Sagittarius to north placed Mercury, it is denoted that he isinvolved in a Professionrelatedto Salvation, Guidance.

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Thereare no Planets in thefift h and ninth forVenus in this chart. It is but naturalthat this Planet is in the South. But, the signs those are opposite to South arc North direction oriented signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. The seventh Lord Mars is in Pisces for Venus i. His enemy Mercury is in the fifth along with Moon. This indicates minimum Prosperity to her and seclusion from her Husband.

From this. The inimical planets to Sun arc tenus. Dragon Head and Saturn. Even though Jupiter acquires their factors. She may beget female Progeny. Since Sun is associated with his enemy Saturn , it is deduced th at he is an ordinary GovernmentTeacher. This Venus has the factors of Mother causative Moon and maternal causative Mercury. This showsthattheWife will be from the relative's side. So, there is gain from this la nd Saturn - Deed. From this, it is deduced as narrow old land Mercury.

As these planets are in the third to house causative Venus, it is noted that there is a small house. During transit, when Jupiterenters Aquarius where there is natal Jupiter is located. Because of this. In this way. Please refer the following books for causative factors of planets which make Observation of Horoscopes and predictions thereof easy and simple. Fifth, Seventh as well as in Ninth House or if Jupiter comes there by exchange with some other Planets, such Native's will attain extra-ordinary Luck, Power, Prestige as well as Peace and Happiness in their lives.

Apart from this, it can also be predicted that. No doubt. In fact. He will get unnecessary blames and undergoes aimlesstravels during his age 22 and His Mother will have to suffer at his age 16 and At this age only, some duping circumstancesand change of place may takes place to his Father.

There will be little Prosperity at his age He will get setback in his own Profession and endue blamesby the enemies. So, he willget relief and able to come out from debts and difficulties. He will likely to get Prestige and also. As a resultant of benefic effect of his wife. Thereafter, he will get Peace and happiness as well as Progeny at his age During d year, he will meet his Friends and Relatives and undertakes travels to Pilgrimages. By this time, the Positions ofBrot herlSister as wellas Blood-relatives will improve.

There will be some changes in Profession at his age There will be Obstructions in coming amounts which he had helped to the needy persons. However, by undertaking Oblations to Dragon Tail and Mars. At the age of his Progress and Prosperity will doubled and will also get the Prestige. During this period, he will likely to be blamed by a lady in his Professional sphere.

Thereafter, he willget benefited in Landed Property, Prosperity of Progeny and overall improve-. During his 35th and 36" year, he will meet his Friends and Relatives. Some sacred works will likely to takes place and improvements to his children's in Educational sphere. One of'his Progeny willimprove in Education and would likely to settle in Foreign Land. At the age of his 37, there is a difficulty and disgust in his Professional sphere and also family disputes due to the Maleficity of Mars and Saturn, There will be loss of Finance and Healthtroubles.

But, during his38th and 39th year. At the age of his 39, his Wife's Health will also likely to disturb. Educationof his Children's will be good. He willget higher Promotion in his Service. Again during 42nd and 43nl , there will be change of placein Profession and some unnecessary Expenditure. He may also likely to involve in secret affairs.

During his 5th year, he will get all-round Prosperity in relationto House. Finance and Luck and also in Authority. At the age of Children's of the native will enjoy fair Prosperity. Also, there will be improvements in house-hold affairs and additional Income. It is advised that, he has to keep lip the same by Patience and Co-operation in his administration of Power.

At the age of47, his elderly persons have to undergo trials and tribulations. There will be Health troubles by excess of Heal. However, by the grace of God and Medicine. There is also Peace and Prosperity. Sacred works were done by the native. He gets an opportunity to meet friends and relatives. Legal disputes will arise in respect ot LandsIHouses. His youngest Son and Brothers will incur lots of debts, During the period of Gradual improvements in Service will takes place at the ages of and it will continue up to the age of f. In the period There will be some Health problems by excess of Heat and bile as well as from gas at the age In ,though thereis financial improvement, there will be mentalworries regarding the delinement in Prosperity of the Children.

Though the years 1is a retirement ages. Native gets failure in conducting one more Sacred Workin house. From his age 63 to He willderive Happiness by birth of Grandson and undertake journey to various Pilgrimages. At the age of However, on the onset of I Smday of 8th Month after his 73rd year, Native will breathe his last.

He is Arroga nt. He has Fame, Po wer and Prestige and also we ll versed in Ved ic. His ancestors had suffered a lot from their own Blood-relations. He is warm hearted and good. He is an est ablis hed Pro fession isr who devoted to his dutie s. He is profited by the Pro fession co n nected to Light and Power.

He is Educated an d. He will earnestly put efforts to retain his Prestige and Dignity. His Parentswill have to undergo troubles at the age of his 2. Native willengage himselfin theProfessionconnected with machineries at his age He willimprove andcome up in Profession at his age His wife will be good and lucky. Native will get various means and ways for addition Income with the co-operation of VIPs. At the end of his age 33, Hostility and Hatredness developsin Professional sphere.

As a result, he has to change his Profession. Firsttrials, later happiness will be there. Native willget a Prime andPrestigiousPosition in his Profession at his age But, between his ages By offering oblations to Mars. He will get Financial Benefits in Land dealingsand also, exchange of Vehiclesin.

Thus, it will be a better period from 35 to 36 V2year. Between 36 V:z to 37 lA, native's. Disputes will also crop up in his Profession as well as in relation side also. Again in his myears, he will acquire House, Vehicles and get financial affluences in various Means and Ways. Sacred works will takes place in his birth-bouse. In between this period, a dispute will appear and will also earn the wrath of Govemment from an intimate and trusted source.

Again at the age of his 40, he will get extra-ordinaryLuck and Position in his Professional field. BUl, soon it will subside by the Grace of Prayers, Oblation offered earlier. During his myear. During the age47 and47 V2, though there is Progress and Prosperity in Profession. During the age of , there is possibility of change in place. He will experience a shortage of Finance, As a result, he would be forced to dispose off his HouselLanded Property.

Thereby, he willclear off the Debts andchange his residence also, He will suffer from ill-health due to excess of Heat and also had to undergo some minor operation. A two way ProgressandProspcrity willcommenceto his Progeny and also improvements in Education during his 50th year.

The peri ods between 5 l and 52 would be a Golden Period for him fromalmostallpoints of view. Duri ng his and 54lh year,some health troubles will appear again. But, it will improve byotfering alms and living a RighteousLife and by taking Holy Bath. At his age There will be undertakings of distant travels in his th years.

He has to discontinue his Professional activities in his 57th year. During the period between 6 During his age He will Progress in Vehiculardealings. But, at his age He will be engaged in Prestigious Profession. Native's ancestors also had some Property affluence to some extent. He would also lead a normallife. He will be very Powerful and Genius. His talent will be known not only in his Society but also, in the country.

He will have an extraordinary Knowledge and Experience in Educational Field. He is Dominant and Dignified Person. He will have several servants at his Command. He will be a Well-known and famous Personality in his own Family. He is a Voracious Eater and Determined Individual. He will be a Loader of several Persons. Whatever field it may be, either General or Govemment sphere, native's decision will be final. Though he is a man of taste having an acesthctic sense, he will behave within his limit and Status which will never attempt to spoil his fair Name and Fame in his dealings.

Though hc had several enemies amongst his own and other side, they will never have Courage toface him. They are only his back biters. He will acquire several Vehicles, Institutions and many landed Properties. Several Properties willcome to him without any efforts. Though the period of Prosperity willcommence at his age21, from years, Progress will be at its pitch.

Native's Marriage will also takes place in this age. His would be Wife will be very Intelligent but, li ttle Short-tempcred. He willcollect all sortsof Gold Ornaments and various types of Jewels. She willhave Brothersand Relatives also. There is a defect of Moon and DragonTail in her birth place as suchsome fraud and disputes arc also there. Native wiJI likely gel Peace and Happiness.

The periods between will not be an encouraging periods. Because, Loss of Money, Creation of Encmity etc. Later,during his , Native will involve himselfin multifarious activities. There will be improvements in his own establishment. Native also acquires Name, Fame and Prosperity in various associations and Institutions. Some evil force will be set up on native by means of Witch Craft.

That shoufd be avoided by powerful Witch Craft by offering heavy food to that attacked evil force, which will later disappear. As a result. Charuk, Baana, Shushrutha, By the end of his , his past bitter experience will come to an end. His luck will again favorhim and a NewChapter wi IIcommence in his Life andgraduallycontinue for sometime. He will improve in several ways such as. Progress of Progeny, mingling of friends and relatives.

This will continue till his age According to Nadi Astrology. Native confiscated the landed properties of Virtuousand Noble persons. He also spoiled the Chastity of a Lady Friend secretly and deserted her. Because of the non-tolerance of this blame. These troubles and tribulations will pester and persisthim from his age 43'dto JJ year. Subsequently, Native will loose money and landed properties also. His own people will tum as his inveterate enemies, Hi s Health will be impaireddue to excess of Heat and Bile.

So, he will be able to regain all his Originality viz.

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After his Qth year, Native will regain all his Position, fame and Popularity not only in [he Society but also. Thus, he willcontinue up to his age 55 and surrender himself in building a Temple and also doing good things of well placed Chari ty in the Society. During 58th and 59th year, again his Health will be disturbed by bile, In one of the Circumstances,he has to give explanation for the sake of Justice which demandedto him. However, this situation will also be tided over by the help of DivineGrace. One of his Progeny will attain very Respected Position and acquired extra-ordinary Education.

This Son will have very attractive Nose. He will also have the Opportunity of traveling not only in the country but also in abroad. His remaining Children's will bejust ordinary and lead a normal life. He is having very attjac tive Personality. His elders had come up in life with difficulty.

He willacquire extra-ordinary fame in his dynasty itself. He will be respected not only in Society but also in Political Sphere and in Government too. He has attractive Nose and Sparkling Eyes. He is very much trusted and educated. His Greatness wasnoticed from his very Childhood. Hewillhave friendship with VIPs. He willhave good Faith and he d,evoted to his Parents. He will acquire Education up to his age 22 1h. In 23rd year. By his 25d! But, his father had some troublesfrom hisenemies.

By his 27rh year,gradual improvements will be there. His young Wife is also Modem and Humble. She is very lucky and devoted to her Husband. There was very harmonious relationship with her Husband. He was a determinedIndividual. His Progress will improve day-to-day from his veryearly age. During his Qrh year, he will have effortless amount and sacred works will takes place in his House and will be lucky in many ways.

He willbecome Head of the Social Institution. At his age , internalquarrels,divisionof Propcrty, disopinionbetween Brothers and Sisters, disturbance of Peace and Tranquility will be there. The most intimated Persons will become inveterateenemies. After this, he will derive Peace and Tranquility on dispensing with all evilobstructions in his Path of Progress.

On the eve of his 34th year, he will get new avenues of Income, Financial help and cooperation from VIPs. As a result, between his 36th and 38th year. Between his 38 to h year, he would get Secret Money and also come in contact with an Oppressed and suffering Lady accidentally. Between 49 and 50 th age, his wifewillhave to win over a dangerous situation.

He will like to invest a hugeamount on Business field byrelaying on two trusted Persons. But unfortunately, the yield of Profit will decline gradually by breach of trust. He will also suffer with de rmit ies. However, this Native will get over by offering food to the needy persons. Between his ages 51 to 54, his Luck will take a better tum. His Progeny will develop and Prospers and their sacred task will have to be undertaken. At his 53rd year, one of his enemies willdrag him to the Court from the Western direction for the sake of his Wealth and Properties.

By his th year, he will undertake Divine Works. He would eam very fair Name in the Society and Association. During his age , again sacred task would be held besides the birth of Grand-Children and will enjoy the life happily up to his age 56! But, the periods from 58 to 6 1are good and improvement years. Good Luck. It will continue up to the age of his During hi s 63fd and Mill years.

It will be solved by the Co-operation of his friends. At his age , he will have to visit the Pilgrimages as well as to his Relatives and Friends. During his 67 to69, some Health rroubles Irom Bloodas well as gastric troubles will likely to crop up to which lot of Money will be spent. Somehow,the troubles will be tided over by the Grace of Divine Help and Doctors. From his age 70, this Native will enjoy once again all"round Happiness. He will thrive and Prosper with an extraordinary luck.

He will collect most valuable thingsas his assets. His elders attainedName, fame and Luck after some trials and troubles. He would also get the same benefits what his elders enjoyed. He is a bitfickle minded. He willalways wearcostly dresses. He willestablish himself by the Co-operation of VIPs. His Blood relati ves envy at the elevation of his family position and workout against his willand opinion.

His younger Brother and Sister will be devoidof family Happiness. In tum, they will be subjected to dishonor and catennny. Even though. During his 21 to 24 1h year. After his age 24 V2. Some disputes will arise regarding his Marriage. His Love affairs will meetwith utter failure. At his age 28, he willengage and powerful in his Professional field. He will engage himself in gorgeous and financialaffairs and lead his life. His Wi fe is very lucky who is coming from a veryrespectable fami ly. She will be fond of collecting valuablestones and bit adamant.

She is fond of sleep. According 10 the Past Karma, he will have the defect of Progeny. Even if he had Progeny. It is said that. He used to cheatthe Hungry Monks whileoffering food to them. It is uremedical measure to tide over the critical position and would also get better progress. Between Q! Better Luck would dawn in his domestic life and also benefited by various Vehicles. Between his 32 and 33, he will undertake distant travels and would be benefited by Lands.

Athis ages Between the ages In his 37th year. He will meet failures in his attempts and his earnest Money will also be wasted. Besides this. Between his J8 lh and 39tl1 age. For his, of course. In his 4 h year. Iandcd properties. He willundertakemany travels in his age In 42"'1year. Native would visit Holy Places and also his own relatives. At his age 45, he wouldextend House and sacred tasks will also take place in his House.

Between his ages Progress of his Progenies and he is also profi ted by machinery and Vehicles. In his 51 11 ycar, he will see higher Status in his Profession, Name and Fame, Progress and improvements in Educational field to his Children which ofcourse,continues up to his age 52 Y2. He would be pestered once again by his higher Officers in his 54 th year. Further, there will be u steady Progress and improvements in domestic and financial sphere. In the ycar6 , a new em of Luck willcommence to his Progenies. He willget friend's co-operation. By this, Native will enjoy a special, beneficial Fame and Prestige From his age 65, there will be Progress to his Children and he enjoys Happiness and Bile's.

Apart from this. This native will enjoy up 10 his age During the time of his birth. His Grand Father was very powe rful and had also earned Name and Fame. He had also won over a greatest Peril for the birth orMale Progeny. This native is more than his Education. He is extra-ordinary Intelligent. Though he was engaged in higher Profession, his Status was a least one.

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This native had suffered a of torturous periods in association of wicked persons from his 18 year to his 24th year. Wi thin this period. One of his forefatherswas a rogue and scoundrel. They will retard his Progress by their Conspiracy. He willenjoy peace, Tranquilityand gradually good Luck follows. Though there will be chances of early Marriage. Marital Happiness isjust Moderate up to 30! Native will likely to became Powerful Person after passing enough untoward incidents. His 34th year will be a good period which will be better than the previous one.

This is owing to the sheer e o-operation of two friends and officials. Meanwhile, this Native willcommit some unconnected and incoherent work very secretly and thereby. Toovercome fromthis trouble. It will in fact. He would prosper in a place other than his birth-place. There would be normal periods between his ages 37 Native would thrive and Progress not only in domestic sphere but also get Peace and Happiness.

He wouldsuffer from excess of Heat. Stomach pain and Worries about some debtsetc. Native will help in others Sacred Works in his age 51 Y.!. He has to face blames from hisrelatives. There are troubles to his Children and set backs in their Progress during his age 53 to It will continue up to his age Thereafter, he willenjoyoverall Success and Progress up to his age This Nativethough bit Intelligent.

The Native had taken upemployment in Govern ment Department. According to his past good Karma. Resultant of this,. He wouldbehavingseveral failures in acquiringEducation. He washaving an evileffect of Dragon Head lip to his age His seventh house was afflicted forw h. Mars and Dragon Tail. He will be marrying between his lh. Though he was married, unfortunately. He would have Moderate type of family life with less trouble.

He would have little Status in his Service in Social Sphere. He will see the Progress in his Profession only after his age At the end of his age 33, he will have change in his Place and Profession. He will have a chance to prosper after 3 years from the birth of a Male Issue. After 78 years from this, he will have enoug h good luck as well as Profit in acquiring land and Money up to his age graduallyand Pence. But despite some good Luck and Profit.

Celestial Matrix In Nadi Astrology

Some of his known persons will cheat him. Further, he would face somedisputes and fi nancial deficit and Obstacles in his day to day works which in fact, would be relieved by offering the mixture ofSoji and Sugarto Black Antsoutside the house in the anthill. Thereafter, he will have bothDomesticand Financial improvements. Thus, everything will be good up to his 61'1year.

Thereafter, he will be interested in Phi losophy and Divine Thinking and willspendhis time in visiting Holy Temples. After this, Children of this Native willsettlein their li fe. Native will leave this world once for all. He had subjected his ciders 10 severe blames. Later, he would engagehimselfi n an ordinary but, a respected Profession in a place other than his birth place and will improve therein withthe Co-operation of the Government VIPs.

He will alsoget some help from his birth place. Though his good periods commencefrom 22 1h, they will not reap bctterbe netits till his age24 'I i Because of some blames. He would attain steady Progress and acquires many types of Experiences from his 25lh year. Some Health troubles will be there to his Mother in his age Some improvements in Profession are thereduring his !

His Marriage will take place in his lh year. There will be some financial troubles due to Loss of Money in his year. Some of his enemies creates set back in his Professional fi eld also. His debts and difficulties "i ll be cleared by other's Co-operation. He would get Progress in Financial Sphere. Besides this, special types of side Income also owing to the good luck of his Wife. He would also going to get a House and Landed Property for which he willget others Co-operation. A goodperiod of Peace and Happiness in his family and Progress in respect of his Progeny will prevail steadily and continuous ly up to his age In the meanwhile, there wi ll be union of friends andrelatives,Journey and visitingof Holy places.

Somewhere during his 33rd year. Progress in Profession and Statue will also be obtained during his 34 th year. He wo uld likely to get wrath and blame through Lady, There will be avenues of improvements in Dome stic Sphere , special types of Name and Fame in the society and also overallProgress. Prosperi ty of his Progeny.

Once again, there would be unionof friends and relatives. Sacred task will be continued in the family. There will be Progress to his Progeny in Education. Disgustingincidentsin Professional Sphere,disputes infamily, Legaldemands in Landand Money matters will li kely to arise in his 37th year due to malefic effects of Mars and Saturn. In the meantime, there will be unnecessary loss of Money and Ill-health.

As a result of pas! He will have to face complications in his Businessdue to Mediatership in his 39th year, Meanwhile, there will be troublesof Ill-health to his Wife and unnecessaryexpenditures which were more than his fncome. Progress of his Progeny in Educationas wcllas in Family affairs willlikely to takes place in his year.

He would also gel avenue of side income through his personal Cooperation. He may involvehimselfin some secret friendship in his 42nd year. By this, he will have to undertake traveling,some blames and also expenses. There seems to be some change in Place and also incur some debts in his age There will be likely increase in House. Land and also enough side Income and good luck to his Progeny during his 46dl year.

Some had periods will affect elders. Some Mental Worri es. Ill-health due to excess of Heat will takes place during 4TJ year. During his year. Conductionof Sacred tasketc. As a result, lots of debts have to be incurred. Native will have change of Place. Some Progress in administrative sphere and good periods willcontinue up to his age 54 Y2.

At his age 9. But, he will have to retire from his Professional field by the end of his age , Though he had been retired. There will be persistent effort to conduct sacred task in ' he house, But. But, by offering food to needy persons. Further, birth of Grandson, Progress of progeny, visiting of Sacred Places. Happiness and Tranquilityto Mind and Heartare the various highlights of enjoyment. It will continueup to his age Again, some health troubles will takes place due to excess of Sour and Gas, which will be remedied by the Prayer of Venus and Saturn. During his age 68 to 72, Physicaltroubles and Co-operation of Children will be enjoyed by him.

Profits are less to him from hi s lineage. Though several Obstacles in his Education. He will notonlyfickle minded but alsoof suspiciousnature. He will be fond of traveling, There will be often Quarrels, Bickering disputes and Exchange of Blames amongst his Brothers. Many a time, he will worry about himself and will get disgusted with his own self; as he opinethat his veryexistence itselfwill have no meaningat all.

Occasionally, his Mother will alsoblame him. He will face often disturbance in his Profession. Despite taking troubles, the Peace and Happiness will most minimum up to his age By this time, he would have passed dangerous obstacles from water, Alm s and Weapons. He will have to incurenmity in his Profession. But, in his 31st age, he willengage himself in a workrelating to the Liquid, Motion.

Power andMachinery and gradually wi llimprove himself. He will marry himself between his ages 28 to Because of minimumIncome and Progress,he willgetdisgusted with his Family and Wife. He will lose Peace and Tranquility by considering minor mistakes from his Mother-in-law side. This is in fact. That is why this Native is suffering from devoid ofln come,Disappointment and Agitation of Mind in this life.

This difficulty and distress will be overcome by offering Milk and Moneyto five 5 Ladies whose Husbandsare alive and getting their Blessings for five 5 Consecutive full Moon day. By doing like this for five times on five full Moon days, this Native will enjoy extraordinaryProgress and his Independent enterprise will alsocontinuesfurther.

His Luck willalso increase extensively betterthan the previous. Meanwhile, some accidents to his Wife lake place. Further, one of his Blood-relative will involve in tro uble. Thereby, his new Professional avenue will be commenced. He will enjoy extra-ordinary Peace. Further, he would also likely to get land and financial profit in this age.

There will be enough Progress and Profit during his Regarding the Progeny,t here would be possibility of getting 23 children. On neutralizing the affliction of fifth house, his Progeny willalso enjoyexcellent Yoga's of Prosperity much bctter than the native himself. Between his44 and 45t11 year, he would likely 10 get domestic and family Progress and alsoenjoygood. The period from his 45 to 55 year.

Because of benefic aspect of Jupiter and Venus. He will also get Help and Co-operation from his friends and relatives.

Nadi Astrology about moon part 2 (idemofuqos.tk system)

He will conduct good and sacred task in his House. His entire Progress and Prosperity would infact, be attributed to his goodand Divine thoughts. But, he will have to suffer from dreadful tetanus besides upsetting the health of his wife also. He had to suffer from pain in Hands and Legs in his th year. However, to ove rcome these painfu l periods. The periods from 69 to 73 could be considered as a Best part of his Life. The blood-relatives of his Father were in enjoyments of wet lands and alsoengaged in Trade and Business in Fruitsand Vegetables. He will always talk politely.

He is capable of attracting and mesmerizing any type of persons. His Mother was havingDivine Thinking and Womanof a veryhelpingnature. She was. It is less dark than the Fate line, head line and Heart line. To conclude it can be observed that the planets that signify a specific thing are the same with the Palmistry as well. Palmistry helps better in this aspect to double check the significations as per Nadi Astrology. Forces in this Universe as it is.

It is the curiosity of Many to know the reason behind the sequence of Rasis Zodiac Signs and its particular assigned Lordships. The defined structure of this pattern of Rasis and Planet Lordships can only be understood with the help of the Philosophy. The divine nature of the existence is made clear with Rasi Chakra.

It Speaks about the center of the Universe that has a say into the Microcosm and Macrocosm, i. The allied forces have only existence based on the Sun. The same when put to Rasis Why Rahu and Ketu are not given any lordships? The element God is complete in itself. Neither a shortcoming nor a desire to achieve something else is with God. Hence Rahu and Ketu can never have authority.

Rahu ketu are used to spin the energies at rest. Pancha Kosha an astro based analysis. Pancha Kosha — the five elements that wrap a soul. Annamayya Praanamaya Manomaya Vignanamaya Anandamaya. A human soul is born with a consciousness fixed at one of the five altitudes as mentioned above. This can be derived using the planet combo in a chart. A certain combination of planets will indicate the point of journey of a Jeeva karaka back to the originality.

These five sheaths are five attributes. Consciousness when perceives only the attributes constitute Maya. In the other words Maya has five layers. Maya is another form of time. It has two fetters Rahu and Ketu. The below given analysis can be applied to depict the sentimental state of Living of a person. When afflicted they denote diseases related and possibility to redeem the suffering from affliction.

This layer has only gross level domain. The consciousness always brings back the reality of physical existence and never can go beyond. All their sentiments of religion and spirituality always weigh a reflection into their material prosperity. Doing vrath fasting , worshipping temples of wish fulfillment etc.

When afflicted they get digestive system problems. Allopathy or western chemical medicines alone act at this stage. These persons deny any occult existence and call themselves rational. This has an element of connecting within and without. The consciousness oscillates between the forces within to reflect strength without. All their sentiments are a combination of Mostly Physical with little bit occult levels. This is the first level of Occult Journey. Refreshing through Aroma of agarbathis, Music, etc come into this category.

When afflicted they get Asthama, lungs and breath related problems. These persons agree that something unseen governs existence. At this level persons with the above combination always say that it is mind that regulates everything. When these combination planets are perfect then great poets, musicians and philosophers shape up. When afflicted they become mentally disturbed and challenged. Homeopathy works at initial stage and later psychological counseling. Irreversible damage of emotions if badly affected.

Persons having this combination have deep introspective mind and more logical sense. They are sometimes atheists turned devotees as well. They work everything with a proof of logical interpretation only to know one day that this intelligence also depends on something else and is not self illumining. They are perfect representatives of Godliness and spirituality when everything is okay.