Blue moon december 29 2019 astrological significance

Cancer is a water sign ruled by the Moon, she represents the Mother, how we nourish ourselves and how we perceive our life experiences. The Moon acts like a mirror, it reflects out into the world what we feel inside. Therefore, if our emotional bodies are feeling sensitive, protective and suspicious, our environment can become this reality. Being with a family that is loving or even hostile, they represent patterns within our DNA that we came to love, to heal and to learn from. Whenever a Full Moon occurs in 0th degree, we have the unique opportunity to go back in time, to the seed level, and makes changes on the quantum level.

This is because 0 represents the omega and alpha, where all potential is found and can be directed. Interestingly enough, the Solar Month of Capricorn begins the Winter Solstice, when the light begins to increase. This year, the Winter Solstice begins on the Full Moon when we can connect back to the Summer Solstice to bring light back into our world at an accelerated rate….

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Codependent relationships can be released and we will find the perfect balance between work and home life. As much as Cancer loves to cling to family and traditions, the skies are inviting the Crab to loosen its grip.

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  7. Andrew Ifandis, Cosmos of Astrology , looks at what the radical change agent is offering to both luminaries. Excitement becomes the prevailing mood that elevates the spirits of our loved ones. Support is found and opportunities arise when we intuitively go with the flow and we remain open to the changes. We can easily make progress or try something new. Jamie Partridge, Astrology King , sees opportunity knocking. You will feel more open to change in your life and may actively seek it out.


    This is a good Full Moon for trying something new in your domestic routine or personal life. Liberation is on tap, even amid family ties, says Marina Marcario, Darkstar Astrology :. The soft aspects bring to fruition personal freedom, revolution and electric genius that has been refined over many lifetimes. The more outlandish the subject behaves, the more the public seems to lap it up. The sextile is supposedly harmonious energy, but we still get some challenge with this aspect.

    This Full Moon offers evolutionary growth you can believe in — and bank on. A growth that can be spiritual, the result of transformative processes that expand us, or material, wealth that comes as the result of patience and accomplishments in our chosen profession. Success comes as the result of putting our hearts in what we do not only by self-ambition but also out of a genuine affection for our beloved ones in a responsible and practical manner.

    My forecast elaborates:.

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    The aspect enhances the lure of memories and the sensation of living outside of ordinary time. Now Venus is opening our hands and hearts to receive, to trust, believe and simply allow. And if we need a push, Mars is still close enough, just barely, to Neptune to go after what we want. Says Jamie Partridge, Astrology King :. While not particularly an indicator of steamy sex, this aspect encourages tender touch and smooching. Connecting to a companion at the spiritual level is more important, though tantric sex would be most enjoyable.

    With the twins being so active in this decan we can see the potential of finding a twin flame in the current period thanks to the influence of this card! The soft aspects brings to fruition personal freedom, revolution and electric genius that has been refined over many lifetimes. The more outlandish the subject behaves, the more the public seems to lap it up. The sextile is supposedly harmonious energy, but we still get some challenge with this aspect.

    Everything about this full moon is beautiful and its nurturing energy is just perfect for the Christmas season. It is also just fabulous for all festive indulgence and home-cooking that goes on at this time of year. In our personal lives, we can see that the scapegoating tendency could flare up after one too many glasses of Christmas spirit. Any grandiose super-narcissistic behaviour could have Gaia unleash her Scorpio sting and the offending guest may well be sent limping home as the universe dishes out its divine punishment.

    That leaves the rest of the family to enjoy the fuzzy, warm love that can now flourish once the toxic drama-king or queen has been removed. Betelgeuse is the archetype of the divine masculine however and the positive side could be Papa Santa Claus bringing joy himself. A wise old grandad calms things down, uniting the family against jealousy and disruption.

    Yes, there is the chance of explosions, but hopefully, they will be nothing more than champagne corks popping or fireworks at New Year. Generally, this is very cosy full Moon and best enjoyed in the bosom of the family. Genuine love is embraced with open arms as seen in the heartwarming two of cups card. Happy Yule! Red Jasper or Poppy Jasper. I picked these stones as they resonate so well with the energy of this full moon. Red Jasper is actually associated with Gaia who is featured in the Betelgeuse myth.

    Emotional healing: Gives men and women quiet strength to resist bullying or domestic violence… Protective against psychic attack or if working with psychologically disturbed people. So this stone is great for dragon slaying and gives courage! It is also a warming crystal for those cold winter nights. Meditating with this stone provides insight into the best way to accomplish this, and helps bring future problems to light before they become too big.

    A lot of people use Poppy Jasper to have a sense of security and comfort, and to increase feelings of peace, serenity, and wholeness.

    Blue Moon in Libra - shining light on relationships

    Psychic vampires. If you are as decent as you can be moral and kind , then I am certain you attract them the baddies , they certainly hone in on you. So, something I have found useful although devastating is the composites of anyone you meet in life. Parents, siblings,family, lovers, bosses etc. Usually, folks look to the lover planets Venus and Mars for guidance when it comes to romance. Lunar cycles give us a ton of insight into our emotional well-being.

    The moon shows us how we nurture ourselves and what feelings we are processing. She shows us where we have blocks, where we can push a little further, and where some healing is needed. Here are the ways that each phase of the moon cycle can affect your dating life. As most people know, the new moon is a great time to start something new. Immediately after the new moon, or balsamic moon, is the perfect time to set your intentions and plant seeds you wish to manifest in your life. If you are single, this is when you could light a pink candle for the love you wish to bring into your life.

    Write your list of dream relationship qualities or create a manifestation vision board. You could also schedule a first date, create or update your dating profile, or even ask a friend to set you up with someone exciting. If you are already attached, this is a great time to take your relationship to the next level. You can have conversations with your love about becoming official, moving in together, engagement, or starting a family. Pay attention to this time, as often new folks or circumstances will enter your life.

    This is heightened when the new moon falls into your fifth house of love, creativity, and children or seventh house of long-term partnerships and marriage. Find out now! The two weeks that follow the dark moon phase is the perfect time for building up momentum and pushing forward on new projects and experiences. First dates, trying for babies, connecting with new suitors, and connecting with your higher self are all must-dos when the moon is waxing. This is the time of doing and being. If some circumstances have recently come up for you that need some healing, this is when you want to do the work.

    When dating someone, this is where a lot of the work will happen. This two- to three-day time period might catch you feeling a bit down, so let yourself just… take a breather.

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    Sit with your feelings. Ponder if you can move past your faults and those of others. This is also what could be called the calm right before the storm. You know something major is about to happen, and right now, you have time to take some deep breaths. And if you really need to hang with bae, then make sure to keep it super low-key.