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Yes they still do Like 0. Tomarrow there is an exam will i get good rank in my exam Like 0. Iron April 28th, Adefris Mulatu Tezazu April 16th, Gloria Barraza April 12th, Okonkwo chioma April 11th, It feels like my life is slow When will I find my true first love Like 0. Matthew W. April 9th, Me and a friend saw very similar vivid visions and i want to know if there real. When will I get married Like 0. Ama April 6th, Debra Bonilla April 5th, What does my future hold for me, will I be happy or even alive? Adefris Mulatu March 7th, Vladimir February 22nd, Thank you for every thing Like 0.

Alison February 22nd, When will my steuggels subside atleast a lil. I feel like i ant cath up Like 1. Joy January 10th, Thank you very much. Please how and when will the worries over my marriage relationship end? Like 1. Agapito Castellano lll July 13th, A23 Like 0.

Stephanie June 30th, I would like to know why my mom held on so long before she passed? Genita June 2nd, I just been through something horrible i just want to know am i going to be struggling much longer Like 0. Tukei Philemon April 21st, I was born in in uganda…. Rob May 18th, Melissa April 12th, Jade December 13th, Habeeb Oluwanisola December 5th, Pls when will I meet the girl and if possible tell me her details to know her when I see her Like 0.

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Ayan das October 6th, Sylvie October 4th, My name is Sylvie. Born 9th of August at 2.

Leo Daily Horoscope - Leo Horoscope Today

Smrithi August 31st, Ali Hossain July 5th, Pravalika June 22nd, Unknown June 19th, Vipin June 2nd, Please let me know what is stored in future and what are the chances for settling in abroad Like 0. More ideas… I pray amen Like 1. Naturalbeauty54 January 23rd, Tell me your thoughts… Like 1. Good Luck… Like 0. MissLioness January 15th, Leo is the best zodiac sign. Letta February 23rd, Vipul Jariwala September 29th, This is my test commentLike 0 Like 1.

Lol-Leo woman Like 0. Freeman October 24th, Lydia March 4th, I want to know that, what will be the condition of my education, career, and lovelife?

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Krishna January 3rd, You are many things, Gemini , and a victim is not one of them. Take your power back. You do not deserve to be with somebody who makes you feel anything less than glorious. Lack of support could be a theme that some of you are struggling with. Talk things out if you have certain expectations. Give them a chance to meet you halfway. To err is human; to forgive, divine. An old saying to remind you of the power of letting go.

Replacing fear with love and resentment with gratitude is key to turning your world around. What follows next is a new address, a new business, and recently acquired boss babe status. If you wake up feeling self-indulgent, you have the stars to blame, Virgo. On the menu today: rituals and ceremonies that make you feel sensual.

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Not to mention, good food and music. Staying too focused on the past makes you miss out on what is being offered to you in the moment. Are you letting yesterday come in the way of tomorrow? Be aware of how your mind is sabotaging your happiness. Remember, you deserve to experience joy, harmony and abundance in every moment. Make peace, not war, Libra. Conscious coupling is on the cards today.

Power struggles may be a theme for some of you. The gentler you are with your words, the better your chances of getting exactly what you want. Your relationship status: wild and free.

Today's Leo Horoscope - Wednesday, October 9, 12222

You do you, Sagittarius , as long as it is bringing you mental peace and happiness. For coupled archers, this is a time to withstand the stormy weather together and get to the other side looking radiant. This moment of victory will pave the way for a relationship landmark.

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Arguments and upheavals at work may play havoc with your nervous system so it's better to withdraw rather than engage in a battle that no one is likely to win. Try to avoid those who upset you emotionally, mentally, or physically to prevent any reaction on your health. With your day-to-day stress levels rising, you need some solitude.

A lot more will get done if you focus on yourself rather than pleasing everyone else. This especially applies to your family responsibilities. Your destiny is based upon the decisions you make.

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