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Work to get clarity and try to avoid final decisions. Discussion over money comes, midweek. There could be some improvement in the fiscal stakes, but the key thing is the desire to go deep. Entertain a colleague or an underling, or maybe a trainer from the gym, especially Friday when Mars heads into Libra.

An artistic type, a lawyer, or a charming fashionista could put you in the mood. Be sure to change your sheets. The weekend brings the urge to spread your wings and fly to parts unknown. The cosmos promises a week of sensual delight and it gets steamy at the start! Head straight to the boudoir and burn off a bit of frustration in the prone position.

Mercury dives into Scorpio midweek, when lawyers and legal matters, debates, contract negotiations, partnership or other alliances, and joint ventures are in the frame. This could go on for a while! Mars crosses the borders into Libra on Friday, so do some research on health and fitness for the two of you.

A sudden change of plans or an ambush of the emotional kind will be just the ticket to lift your spirits. Monday brings the Sun into Libra following the Equinox, so for the next few weeks your interest will turn to co-workers and underlings. After that, romance or lifestyle is in the frame, though there may still be work to complete at home.

The quick-witted Virgo Moon will work wonders for your love-life, especially on Friday night. Get ready for new routines with work or health as the New Moon comes on Saturday.

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There might be a new face on a daily basis. Learn new skills or disciplines to turn your life around. A sudden burst of energy will bring a project to an end. Harmony of effort with others will bring things to a close in ongoing ventures.

Stand up and be a Bull, but leave others room to move. Domestic responsibilities will feature midweek, though professional concerns will make a call as well.

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Thursday and Friday bring a touch of romance. Enjoy a tasty meal by candlelight and some music to stir the passions.

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The Virgo Moon awakens an intense interest between you. You daily routines will grow or change, perhaps coming under the influence of another individual.

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There may even be a little rivalry or competitiveness. This month will be like a beautiful, fragrant bouquet sent to you from a loving universe. You likely have had no idea that this is on the way, so when it becomes apparent that September is one of your best months of the year, you might be surprised.

A little explanation would be fitting here because September will be so special, and I want you to find ways to enjoy every minute. A group of happy little planets has been quietly migrating to your fifth house of truelove, each one arriving to its place, each dressed in its Sunday best in the constellation of Virgo and awaiting the appearance of the magnificent new moon, who is dressed in her long white silk-satin and tulle gown, wearing white flowers in her hair and long white gloves and holding the arm of her partner, the glorious Sun, also dressed up in his handsome tuxedo.

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Without the new moon, little can happen—all eyes will be on her, for she will set the stage for your month, and specifically, lift the curtain on your love life. Present at this gathering will be gentle Venus, the planet of love and happiness, her lover, action-hero Mars, along with communicative Mercury. Once the new moon has arrived on August 30 in Virgo at seven degrees, along with the Sun, you will have half of the solar system in your romantic sector.

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Neptune, the planet of unconditional love, imagination, and creativity in the arts, will be watching this beautiful ceremony from degrees across the sky and will beam its good wishes to the Sun and new moon. A new moon has the power, authority, and obligation to package the relevant energy swirling about in the universe at the time she appears, making it accessible to you by opening the portal of energy for you to use at your discretion.

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Uranus, on assignment in Taurus, is working to redesign your life and make it much more exciting from now on. He is sorry he cannot come. Uranus is the planet of surprise and is nestled in your first house of personality, but feels bad that he could not attend the celebration going on with the other little planets who have already arrived in your fifth house of truelove and happiness. Printed on archival quality paper. Available exclusively on Astrology Zone. Learn More. To view the current horoscopes, click here.