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Gemini and Aquarius, both air signs, are thought to be a compatible match, so their higher-than-average divorce rate may be attributable to a lack of sticking power rather than incompatibility. Because both signs are impulsive, easily bored, change-seeking, and drawn to new people and situations, neither may push very hard for a commitment in some cases, and relationships may just dissolve naturally as one or both wander off in search of something new.

And although Leo and Aquarius are supposedly incompatible, they do share some of the same traits that Aquarius shares with Aries, including extroversion, generosity, adventurousness, and forthrightness, which may be the foundation for some of the longer-lasting matches. Castille also found that Aquarius men are most likely to marry Aquarius women. However, in France, they are least less likely than average to marry Leos and Virgos. Virgo and Aquarius have little in common. These two signs also tend to irritate each other, as a typical Virgo is sensible, pragmatic, and careful, while Aquarius is risk taking and impractical.

However, if their moon signs or rising signs are more compatible, this can be an interesting match. As for Leo and Aquarius, there are many reasons why this pairing may be difficult. Leo is a sign of the heart and Aquarius a sign of the mind. Leos love material things, whereas Aquarius is drawn to ideas and the intangible aspects of life. Leos like to be the center of attention, but Aquarians tend to spread their social energies across diverse groups of people. Leos are fiery and passionate, whereas Aquarians tend to be emotionally detached and easy going to the point where others may mistakenly believe they are cold and indifferent.

However, the divorce statistics collected by Sachs indicate that this match may have above-average sticking power if these two actually make it to the altar, so it is possible that the differences keep their relationships lively and interesting if they make it to the marriage stage, or that some Leo-Aquarius pairs bond over the common ground of adventurousness, as both tend to seek excitement and new experiences rather than establishing safe routines.

Sachs found that Aquarius women marry Aquarius men most often, but have a below-average marriage rate with Leos, and that they are less likely to divorce Sagittarians than those of any other sign.

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As for who they are most inclined to divorce, there was no statistically significant result for any sign. Matches between Aquarius and Sagittarius may be favoured because neither is inclined toward possessiveness and both tend to be extroverted, so they are likely to share a good social life. Other shared traits include adventurousness, interest in social or political causes, and a natural rebelliousness or eccentricity that makes them less conventional than most people. As expected, Aquarius tops the marriage list, while Leo takes the bottom slot. It may be particularly hard for Leo men to grant Aquarius women the freedom and independence they require because Leos tend to be possessive.

Castille also found that Aquarian women are most likely to marry Aquarius men. The best match for Aquarius appears to be another Aquarius and perhaps Sagittarius. However, Aquarians who find themselves romantically entangled with one of the less compatible signs should not despair. Plenty of relationships and marriages between supposedly incompatible signs have lasted. For example, out of 6,, marriages encompassing all possible sign combinations in the Castille study, there were 1, more marriages between Aquarius men and Aquarius women than would be expected if sun signs had no effect, whereas between Aquarius men and Virgo women, there were fewer marriages than would be expected if pairings were random.

However, there still were many marriages between the supposedly least compatible signs. Astrology is complex, and there is more to take into account than just sun signs. I have found no critiques of the Castille study thus far. For more on Aquarius, see the Aquarius Personality Profile. To see personality and marriage profiles for all the sun signs, visit the main Astrology page.

Pingback: Aquarius in Marriage Astrology. Can you direct me to this research. I am interested in this as I am a Taurus woman exploring relations with an Aquarius man. All the research is listed in the references at the end of this article. There is a link to the Castille study there Sunny Day for a Wedding.

How has dating your Virgo man been? He can be an annoying perfectionist sometimes, but secretly I quite like it. I can be a bit impulsive which catches him off guard, but I think secretly he quite likes it, it keeps things alive. We are happy but we definitely have to keep the lines of communication open Virgo is not very communicative during conflict. After see these results I have Judged that any relationship can happen no matter what people say. You are so true, my husband is an aquarius and i am a Taurus.

We have been married for 13 years now, and still going strong. No one better than an Aquarius for me. We of course are very different in a lot of ways, but we are also alike in a lot of ways!! Believe me, opposites do attract beautifully, if two people are in love and are crazy about one another, the relationship will work and last, as long as both partners want it to!!! I am a Aquarian woman I married a Taurus man yes he is stubborn yes he can be, and I will turn and walk away but we will never give up on each other and no one can come between us.

An sooo Much has happened in this one little year. We use to fight so much argue so much.. I use to not believe it when he would look into my eyes and tell me he loves me.

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I use to think that he is just using me. But I know now more than ever that He loves me and I love him. I am stubborn and independent. He is protective and requires a lot more attention. But he is wonderful. Spoils me. Which was hard for me to get used to.

Very attentive. Too attentive at first. It scared me and I tried to make him run away. He refused and his persistent nature caused me to give in. Now I am deep in love. Thou I wish he would grant me more time for myself. Were thinking of getting married. Will we last? I love his heart and his mind and want to spend the rest of my life with him. Probably not! Because you asked such an asinine question?! If you really love him hunni and God joined you two together, nothing can separate you!

You must believe in your love within your own heart. Be blessed and believe!!! I love my space lol just want to know should I stay in this relationship. We have been married for 5 years, and have been together for 8 years. I have found my best friend,lover, teacher. Though we are both stubborn, we could not have asked for a better match. He understands me better than anyone. He gives me my space and I give him his. We can sit and talk about anything. When I am with him I never get bored.

Our three gilrs are Gemini. Also if you are an Aqua chances are she likes you a lot anyway, Leos love aquarians. Just be direct, honest and never play mind games. Let her know you like her more than anyone else. We Leos always get what we want! Good lord help me. I feel the same way hun. I am living with an aries guy and he is a child. You either accept that or walk away. He will never change.

Pls am an aquarius, dating an older leo, she is madly inlove with me, but my lifestyle is really different from hers, she likes to gist with me a lot, and I love my space of being alone and quiet, am scared cos we are planning on getting married, I need your advice pls.

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I literally felt like I was put in a cage and there was no escape until I just realized how miserable I was and walked away from him. Mh best friend is a Capricorn as well and thank gd we have never fought once in our lives and we grew up together. There is just a mutual love, respect, and trust between Aquarius and capricorns from my experience.

Aquarius woman dated Taurus man for 8 years. He started off lying, then cheating, then stealing. Oh and did I mention he tried to kill me 5 times. Lazy and dirty as hell. I can give input on Aquarius female with Leo man. It can become suffocating. An Aquarius finds that double standard intolerable. So an emotionally healthy Leo man who knows to curb his negative tendencies may be fine 28th an Aquarius female. Btw—had the same possessive qualities from female Leo friends. Sorry to say this but if you marry him you are a bit of a martyr, masochist, or unbelievably naive.

Grow up and smell the roses. See a counselor to find out why your self esteem is so low that you choose to marry a guy you caught cheating. I was married to 2 of them and it was a waste of time. Do Capricorns even know how to show love? No passion and I do not feel as though he loves me. I get ALL the freedom I want because he shows little to no care for me. I want someone to love me. Great match if you want never ending adventure. Just have to be aware that gems can be flighty.

I am an Aquarius female. I have had two marriages both Aquarius. I was never into astrology until recently single and investigating personality traits of a man I was madly in love with, a Gemini. Is all I can say. And the two marriages,both failed due to addiction. Something I read Aquarius is in danger of, I never knew that either. I myself do not think I have any type of addiction personality however, I think of substance abuse when I say that.

Perhaps I do have others like shopping, cleaning, which is nkt bad but still considered addictions!! Anyways, both men to this day say they love me. The marriages were great, close best friends, we have each other space, understood each other.

So, my opening up about all of that to say this research and review of my sign could not be any more accurate. I have stopped seeing the Gemini, too many sides to his personality and too many lies being told. He loves me but, believes it is ok not to be honest. And now again I find myself talking to an Aquarious. Perhaps thais will go somewhere and that is the sign i am drawn to afterall.

Honesty and a free spirit are something we Aquarius desire. Thanks for the research. I am Aquarius woman dating an Aquarius man…. I am the fireworks in our relationship. He is the more romantic one. Other than that I get to prance around and take on the world and he is my biggest supporter. We never actually say we love one another but deep down we know. We tackle everything as a team and I absolutely adore it.

His strength, his character, his honesty, his loyalty has been everything I could dream of. We agree to disagree. We both like to be right so we challenged each other to prove each other right or wrong which is quite fun. All I know is that I fell hard. We get along so well! Hard worker, amazing father and is so sweet with me.

I also need him to try a little harder to make plans with me. NiTri you sound very passionate! I hope it works out with your Aquarian! They love space, freedom and great conversations! Did you say you found an Aquarius woman, or you want to find one? If you are looking for an Aquarius woman then I am here…ha ha. What state do you live in and may I ask your age. Age some say is just a number, but to other people it may matter ALOT. I am older than my mind tells me I am. I am NOT married as he passes away in With Sagittarius Men, you have to just let them Lead.

I am Taurus woman and I am with a Aquarius man. I have a moon in Capricorn he has a moon in Leo. I am independent, a free spirit, and I do not have problems with jealousy.. Very clingy. I am a bit more cold and aloof. He is loud and I am not. Go figure. I am a Aquarius man married to a Scorpio woman. We been together since high school. I always say we are not compatible.

They say opposites attract. We been together for 36yrs married So much for this study. You just gave me hope. Dated for 1yr went separate ways but he still is around. Maybe the timing is not right. Who knows. We have been together for 15 years. They will bite you but I will drown you! Lol The first few years were an adjustment of give and take and finding barriers. He grounds me and gives me space to be me but supports me in my adventures!

I do the same for him! The support, love and understand of each other is the glue that keeps the bond stronge. I am An Aquarian man and I married a Virgo for ten years before she cheated on me. She left because she found me unreasonable. I then Married a Scorpio, we have a great son between us who has recently got marrie dhimself. We have been married for 35 years and it has been a real blast.

She left me 4 days before my birthday. Scorpios are convinced they are right even when they are wrong. However, their stubborness and inability to express their feelings can be exhasperating. I am a Gemini woman married to an Aquarius man. He is very quiet and I am loud and very loyal we both had to learn to trust each other.

We have a wonderful marriage but I get bored very easily because he is so shy and I am very out going. Atnthe end of the day we balance each other out. Looking 4 a man to share my life with. Would like to meet one from around 55 to around Husband passed away. Been alone for almost 7 years now. Would like to meet another Aquarius, a Gemini or a Libra man. I live in West Virginia right now, but may move to the southern part of Virginia close to the N.

If you are not attached and want to exchange conversation that is a start. One step at a time usually works. Sometimes the ideas, and the chemistry may be super good, but conversation starts it and then people see how compatible they are and take it from there. I am ready to meet a nice, friendly man, that likes conversation and knows how to respect, treat, and spoil a women.

Your age and where you live is a start. NO thank you. Hi Wandakate! Is this your real name? It sounds quite lovely. Have you met a the man of your dreams? If not, we can get to know each other to see how things will turn out for us. Best wishes and compliments of the season Gary. It sounds quite interesting. I am interested in knowing and meeting you if things work out for us as friends. I read all the requirements you have stated a man of your dream should possess. I am a single man too, I am 59 years old and I live in Newark, Nj. Compliments of the season Best wishes Gary.

I am an Aquarius women who was married to a Cancer man for 12 years. It was rough…the insecurities and the clingyness was too much for this fiercely independent chick. Need constant reassurance, would follow me around the house. Never felt so suffocated. Then 5 years ago I met an Aquarius man, our birthdays are 2 days apart. We get along great…best buds.. Which can be suitable to me… I m 33 years old… Very energetic and passionate about life.

My Aquarius man is the opposite. He prefers the truth and facts about everything. Does not like liars. Sorry to hear about your failed relationship. Good luck in finding a man that will satisfy you. There are no perfect man out there. There are always flaws in everyone. To make a relationship last, pray to God, if you believe.

Hi even I got divorce last month, am looking for best serious girl. If you are OK then email me, and my email id is ganeshkumar. Am a Sagittarius who just wanted to know more about my compatibility with an Aquarius. This research is so insightful, thanks and God bless you. I have been married to an Aquarius man for almost 18 years but been together for 24 years. He was my high- school sweet -heart. Still love him very much. I am a scorpio. Aquarius men, like my husband are more of a jealous type. I am the opposite of him on everything. My opinion, horoscope is just based on coincidence.

Western astrology says I am an Aquarius but when I been deeply I really find out I am a Leo in Vedic astrology and my love is like piseces because my venus is placed their. If you really wanna love someone please go an look out for same interest instead of being attracted cus attracted love will end. Best friends, passion in same things,pushing each other to achieve the things you want to have in life is love. I am just I will always be happy with my wife we share the same intrests and if she push me to new limits that I love anything else is affection.

After soom times some one told me your scorpio is strong in you birth chart so I started behaving like scorpio after some times some one said i am a leo i became very happy as leo is a very amazing sign proud loving and generous. Then I been into vedic astrology and find out about charts houses planets. I was shocked that all of this was basically me. I read bhagwat geeta holy bible and got answers to all my questions. I promised to erase this zodiac myth from my mind. Then I got the real trick of them being successful some of them were persistence patience smart work perseverance discipline forgiving people who hurt them just giving love not being aggressive controlling their temper and staying focused on one thing this was it i got my answer.

I sucess and failiure is all about these things not zodiac. Zodiac is just different shades of your personality some people used to change their birthdates in old dates I have met some in their comes vedic astrology that also gives a brief information.

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So please just stop wasting time and believing in zodiac because what you so shall you become. I am changing my self I am taking the ,character of an Aries ,patience of Taurus ,passion of Gemini ,love of cancer ,zeal and pride of Leo ,discipline of Virgo ,nature of Libra ,emotions of a Scorpio ,knowledge and good luck of a Sagittarius with ,persistence of Capricorn, the creativity of an Aquarius and determination of a Pisces.

Try philosophy and psychology instead of stupid astrology. Hope you all understand. So true! Thank you. I was married to an Aquarius man and the reason was physical attraction more than love. Now, after 21 years of marriage, we divorced. Maybe I need to find and love myself first?! Single Aquarius just met a Capricorn and hoping he will give me space and a passionate sex life. Capricorn is very boring in bed and Aquarius love the person to express every emotion in bed If I was with Capricorn and I am a Aquarius women I would cheat on them constantly.

No one has to be as serious as them than they have hardly no intellectual side or sense of humor. Such events predict that you might not get optimum help and support form Saturn, but would instead be punished for what you have done. The prediction for Aquarius natives in the leap year , says that you should take care of your health seriously and take efforts to maintain it by timely treatment, whenever required. During mid-year, avoid any kind of travel plans, due to work or personal, and try to postpone it for your better scope.

The scope for starting a new research work and getting achievements and accolades for the same, also seem pretty high in this year. Your career ladder for , looks high on the growth factor, as predicted by the Aquarius Career Horoscope. Saturn, as your ruling planet will be in the eleventh house of your sign, until 24 January , after which it will move to your twelfth house, thus presenting you with major career changes. Independent professionals can expect to get success in a foreign country with greater opportunities, and if you are a businessperson, you might even get good proposals from their native place.

The exaltation period of Sun from 16 august to 16 September , and from 13 April to 14 May , would be best time for making any changes in your career or trying to start out with something new. For businesspersons and independent professionals, the exaltation of Mercury from 2 nd September to 22 nd September , would be a good time to approach new clients, for new business proposals, and to get hold of new projects. The Aquarius Finance Horoscope predicts that you will be blessed with a smooth financial progress in life this year.

However, take care of your urge to spend extra money through easy transaction of your ATM card or cash. You might do this due to the retrograde of Jupiter, which is the wealth Lord. You can also expect multiple sources of income to come to you this year, through which you will be able to elevate your financial status and also gain immense mental satisfaction.

The prospects of purchasing a new house for your personal use and buying a new vehicle, is also high. It is advised that you avoid any kind of renovation services of your old car during this period, and instead try to manage and buy a new car or vehicle for you own use. On the other hand, you can also think of investing in land and property, and thus get hefty income from them in the future. Businesspersons can expect good sales and thus good income, from October to December in This year would be productive for you in terms of real estate, share market, and other such long-term investments.

So, look up to for being a good year in terms of finance matters. This , expect your love and romantic relationships to stay balanced and at an average pedestal, as you wade through the year with various outcomes. The Aquarius Love and Romance Horoscope predictions forecast that your chances of meeting a new partner seem to be really high during this year.

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You might meet your partner in any marriage that you might be attending, or when you visit an educational center, during the period of March to May. The forecast says that you would fall deeply in love and commit for a deep relationship with your partner, but it is advised that you do not take any hurried step with them, as it might turn out to be wrong. It is thereby recommended that you keep transparency with your partner do not indulge in any kind of secret work, which might pose problems later on.

Your romance and love for togetherness will let you go for long rides and drives, or take a vacation to a beach city or a hill station with your love partner. The Horoscope for Love and Romance predicts that there are high chances of your love relation being converted into marriage. This would be sought for during the months of November and December.

You would also be glad to know that your family will also support you wholeheartedly in this life, and this would be the start of a loving and nurturing relation with your partner. You will notice that the year will start smoothly, as predicted by the Marriage and Relationships Horoscope. From May to September, it would be a challenging period and so try your best to not involve yourself and your partner in unnecessary tiffs. There would still be some worries and conflicts in your relationships, but try to handle them with care so that they do not grow bigger.

Your spouse would also get new opportunities in career with new found fame, thus being beneficial to the both of you as a couple. Your spouse would also start some new work with partnership and it is important that you take care of them and help them thoroughly in the entire process, as you can. The Horoscope also forecasts that you should spend quality time with your partner and extend your full support to them.

Your child will also grow mentally and emotionally in this year, and you will be happy to see their growth and efforts. Your child will also gain knowledge and join new academic courses to take part in competitions.