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Glyph Symbols of the Planets

Be that as it may, you do quit working when the clock strikes 6. The clock never forced you to leave work, neither did it ever seal your destiny. You choose when to leave work.

Their Meanings and Origins

That is the magnificence of synchronicity. The Sun and the Moon are included in the astrological concept of the planets in astrology.

Spiritual Astrology #1: Explaining the Planetary Glyphs

From our geocentric world view, Earth is excluded in the rundown, but Earth's movement in space is signified by the Ascendant. Before the eighteenth century however, just the initial seven planets were used - as they were discernible to the naked eye.

Every planet in astrology symbolizes an different segment of life, each having their own special kind of energy. These are aspects of the self that are universal in every human being; consider concepts such as love, aggression, self image, restrictions, our emotions and more.

In psychological aspects, we can call them drives or needs. When we look at the natal chart, your very own mix of zodiac signs , planet areas and houses wind up painting a picture of your personality. Notify me when this product is available: Notify me when this product is available:.

Astrological symbols - Infogalactic: the planetary knowledge core

The sun in astrology speaks to your self image, your core, a part of you that is constant — it represents the quiet, unfaltering, profound and enduring power that comes from within. Your sun sign empowers you to apply determination, make choices and direct the various aspects of your life. The sun in astrology speaks to your will, and its zodiac sign decides how the will is articulated, which can be helped or hindered through the movement of the other planets in your natal chart.

While we hear a lot about sun signs in astrology, the sun sign is only the beginning of your personality. Your sun sign outlines your basic character, your center.

Astrology: Planetary Symbols and Influences

In astrology, the Moon is as imperative as the Sun in your natal chart. Your Sun sign is the aspect of you that is evident to others; it is the thing that others see. Your Moon sign is the aspect of you that you see. It also contains all the little changes in moods, things which are irritating, temporary, and evolving. It depicts the way you carry on in cases in which you haven't had sufficient energy to think things through, your prompt passionate reactions.

The zodiac sign that the Moon is placed in demonstrates what influences you to feel sincerely supported, secure, and fulfilled. The Moon sign in astrology also speaks to your most prominent need. It likewise demonstrates how you support others. It is your internal center, which feels hate, envy, fear, and has dreams that you frequently deny even to yourself.

It is also the piece of you that appreciates the little joys of life. The planet Mercury in astrology is the planet of thought and communication. It represents our sense of rationality and our mental resources, of observation and thought, memory, speech, and the written word. The planet Mercury represents your ability to gather, sort, and convey the data you accumulate throughout your daily life. It symbolizes the way you see, hear and process information.

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In astrology, Mercury is emblematic of the curiosity that drives your inclination to know, and the capacity to examine and reason. Mercury additionally rules over transportation and short journeys, and our sensory systems.

What Your Zodiac Sign Reveals

He recognised several other aspects, but noted that they had little practical value. Planets in aversion were considered very unfortunate by the ancients, but this condition is not held to be unduly evil by most modern Western astrologers. Harmonic relationships employed by modern astrologers influenced by Marc Edmund Jones's psychological, numerical reformulation of astrology would not have been considered by earlier practitioners.

The proliferation of such techniques has led to an "anything can mean anything" approach, the tide of which needs to be stemmed. Now, as mentioned earlier in this article, this set by no means covers every possible sigil, glyph, or symbol to be found in the literature, but will nevertheless prove useful as a reference for what are by far the most frequently used symbols in astrology.

The only main one not given is the IC, for which the symbol is "IC", so pretty self-explanatory.

This is the end of the article. Return to the start of How to Read Your Birthchart. The symbols "glyphs" displayed stand for the astrological signs, planets and other chart factors representing forces which may affect your life at any given time. Each of these astrological factors represents a coded set of drives in your sub-conscious. Drives may be activated and brought to your awareness by circumstances in your life, presenting you with a range of choices.

Of course, your choices are to a considerable extent limited and determined by your character, which is itself revealed through an understanding of the symbols that make up the chart. Your birth chart, or horoscope , is usually shown in the form of a wheel, symbolising the cycles periodically undergone by all living things on this planet. Moon Luna. Part of Fortune. Dragon's Head.

Astrology Planets and their Meanings, Planet Symbols and Cheat Sheet

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