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Aries and Libra Nature and Nuances Will the fire and air work together to keep Setting the zodiac calendar rolling, Aries are the pioneers among all the signs. They like to take the lead in whatever they do. Their ruling planet is Mars, which makes them outgoing, determined and bubbling with energy. Naturally innocent and honest, the Aries compatibility is quite good with most signs unless treated in a hostile way. One of the drawbacks in the Aries compatibility chart is that they are very impatient, but fortunately they forgive and forget easily.

The Aries natives' compatibility with Gemini will be dynamic and full of energy.

Libra Sun Aries Moon – Personality, Compatibility

There will never be a dull moment in their relationship, as per Aries best compatibility. Aries and Gemini , both known for mutual trust and desire for deep knowledge, will get on like a house on fire. As far as sex goes, Aries love compatibility is quite high, and the Rams will lead from the front, while the Gemini native will want to experiment new techniques to please their partner as much as possible. The Aries compatibility with Sagittarius is another passionate one, where the high energies of both signs meet and both signs can get into a tug-of-war as to which sign is more energetic.

Fun, frolic and new discoveries are guaranteed. In the bedroom, they can match each other move for move. The Aries compatibility is another combination made in heaven, so long as they learn to share the credits they get. The Aries love compatibility with Leo can be very passionate when it comes to lovemaking. Aries horoscope compatibility with Virgo is not so good they always want to lead, while Virgo natives are obsessed with finding flaws and criticizing. Even their bedroom chemistry is different as Aries are bold and direct, while Virgos like to indulge in a lot of foreplay.

This Aries Virgo relationship can work only if both are patient and willing to work on it. The Aries compatibility is among the least with Capricorn as it is not a very good match for them. Both have leadership qualities but their styles conflict. As per the Aries zodiac compatibility they may also scrap over money because Aries natives tend to blow money and the Capricorn native tends to be tight-fisted.

With Taurus, the Aries compatibility is also so low that the pair is not too thick, but very thin and flimsy, easy to be torn asunder at any moment. Differences arise almost from the word go, as Aries natives start off with guns firing on all cylinders, while the Taurus sun sign native likes to have things slow and easy.

Both money and bedroom play can be bones of contention, as the approach of both to both is diametrically opposite. Know the percentages of different aspects of your physical and mental state.

2. List Sun, Moon, and Planets for Each

Use the ancient technique of Kundli Matching, to help you choose the right kind of life partner. Understand the real motives that drive you to seek a particular friend. What was it that attracted you towards each other? What will help you keep your relationship strong? Are you and your partner the best SunSign match? The Sun Sign Match report will help you find some much-needed answers. As the core element that represents this group is fire, the people belonging to this group are spontaneous, carefree, fun-loving, warm and enterprising.

They are honest and loyal. However, they are quick tempered, and aggressive. Aries people are known to be authoritative and domineering; it is in their blood. They never listen to others and always do what they want to, even if it appears foolish or dangerous. They possess incredible high level of self-esteem, often combined with unbelievable stubbornness.

Aries particularly enjoys the taste of victory and loves to compete. One of the most important elements to consider in a natal chart is the Moon. It represents everything that is in a way outshined by brightness of the Sun.

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The Moon represents our hidden personality, in a way. This planet is related to our emotions; it is all about that.

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The Moon also represents imagination, intuition and sub conscious mind. It is equally important as the Sun is. The Moon has always been associated with changes and transformation.

Moon Sign Compatibility

This planet is related to the element of Water and it greatly affects Water element signs, such as Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio. It rules the Cancer. The Moon supports our imagination and nurtures our emotional being. It makes us sentimental, compassionate, empathic, caring and loving.

Moon in Taurus

The Moon in Capricorn is in exile, meaning this is not a favorable position for the emotional planet. The effects of the moon are restricted when in exile, meaning such a position creates certain degree of emotional blockade and coldness. The Moon in Capricorn makes one strict, reserved, insensitive and cold. Moon Capricorns are locked, serious, closed and emotionally very reserved.

It does have its advantages, though. The soul of a Moon Capricorn is like a solid fortress, surrounded by thick walls, on a high hill. It takes time to climb up and get inside. These people appear self-confident, strong willed and unshakable, which the indeed are. If you want to make a connection with a moon Capricorn personality, you have to be aware that it is not an easy task. As for Moon Capricorns themselves, this nature serves them well in many life situations; it helps them keep cool head in crisis and helps them distance their emotional self from their profession or so.

However, when it comes to informal interaction, let alone friendly and romantic relations, they often leave wrong impression, different from what they actually want. Being emotionally blocked, they cannot show affection as some other people do. They appear indifferent, distant, and even arrogant in situation in which they actually want to attract someone.

People often think they pay no interest in them and simply keep their distance. Moon Capricorns often have trouble in making emotional bonds with people. Can you even imagine how an Aries Sun Capricorn Moon thinks, acts and feels? This is a particularly an edgy and straightforward personality. They are competitive and driven. The Moon here supports their creative and intuitive nature, rather than their emotional nature. They are strong and fierce as Aries and less emotional than many of the zodiac representatives.

Aries Sun Capricorn Moon stand with both feet on the ground and they know what they want in life.

Sun Sign And Moon Sign Compatibility - Aries Pt.2

Unlike typical hasty Aries, these ones have a bit more patience, so they can plan well and act practically. They are determined and self-confident. These people are definitely the most stubborn ones; you can never even try to persuade them to do something in a different way of the one they already planned. They are honest, direct and open in their intentions, in every area of life.

Personal success and social status are very important to them. They are entrepreneurial and daring to take risks. However, these people have high moral standards and would never ever try to get to the top at the cost of others. Their success and ascension has to be of their own doing. Aries Sun Capricorn Moon easily handles difficult situations in life. Once they make a decision, they never reconsider it.

Taurus Sun Aries Moon – Personality, Compatibility

If one has wronged them, they might even forgive, but they will never forget. If they close the door, the door stay closed. If they break up with you, it is over. They do not nurture ill feelings such as hate, but simply move on. They have qualities of successful people in any sense. They are moral, honest, open, direct and determined. They are, at the same time, driven, motivated and ready to try hard. Although Aries is known as optimistic and positive, Capricorn is not. The first one is especially bad when they actually want to make a connection with someone, but they cannot channel their true feeling properly, leaving an impression of someone arrogant, distant and unreachable.