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Results: This yoga can be classified into three - Paap Adhi Yoga, Subha Adhi Yoga or Mixed Adhi Yoga, based on if malefic or benefic or mixed planets are placed in 6th, 8th and 12th houses. This is one of the most important Yogas of Vedic Astrology. Sometimes it is referred to as important as a Raja Yoga. The 6th, 7th and the 8th houses which are highlighted in this Yoga become powerful and their results are enhanced, for good or bad depending on benefic or malefic planets are placed in these houses.

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No judgment zone. All Welcome :. I will tell you what is coming for you and what is good for you. I am love and relationship. I provide time frame and predictions. I give honest reading and detailed. Enjoys all desired luxury, wealthy, owner of vehicles, charitable, have good servants. Kemadhruma yoga : — If no planet is posited on both side of the Moon Kemadhrumayoga is formed. If any planet is posited in quadrant from Moon this yoga gets cancelled. Dirty, wears dirty clothes, sorrowful, sinful, poor, beggar. Adhiyoga: — Among Mercury, Venus and Jupiter one or more planets are posited in 6 th , 7 th , or 8 th house from Moon Adhiyoga is formed.

If these benefic planets are weak, native becomes commander in chief, if of medium strength becomes minister, if strong becomes king.

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  7. Enjoys wealth, happiness, luxurious life, destruction of enemies, good longevity, and disease less. Adhamayoga: — If Sun is posited in quadrant from Moon adhama yoga is formed. Native is courteous, have money, wealth, knowledge, wisdom, and skill in minimal level. Sama yoga: — If Sun is posited in panapara 2, 5, 8, 11 from Moon samayoga is formed Native is courteous, have money, wealth, knowledge, wisdom, and skill in medium level.

    Varistayoga:- If Sun is posited in apoklima 3,6,9,12 from Moon Varista yoga is formed. Native is courteous, have money, wealth, knowledge, wisdom, and skill in maximum level. Native will have money, and Riches. Native is wealthy, noble among the race, highly intellectual, savant, leader of village or town. Have longevity of months.

    Amala Yoga: — Mercury, Jupiter and Venus posited in quadrant from Moon and ascendant jointly or severally, Amala yoga is formed. Native has unstained fame, wealthy throughout the life, honored by king, has luxurious life, charitable, liked by relatives, philanthropic, virtuous. Native is famous, virtuous, well mannered, and king or equal to king, Elocutionist, wealthy, likes strange ornamentation, successful, Beautiful.

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    Native enjoys kingly luxuries, very strong, famous, learned in shastras, expert trader, wise, enimyless. If the planet concerned is benefic well mannered, eloquent, wealthy, fearless, defeats enemies, if planet concerned is malefic company of bad people, sinful, devoid of wealth and happiness. If the planet concerned is benefic, native is charitable, learned, jokily, Accomplished, happy, wealthy, famous, strong. If planet concerned is malefic lives in foreign land, foolish, libidinous, violence loving, deformed face.

    If planets concerned are benefic King or equal to king, wealthy, happy, well mannered, kind, if planets concerned are malefic sinful, diseased, poor. Bhaskara Yoga: — Mercuy in the 2nd house from Sun, Moon in the 12th house, Jupiter in the 4th or 8th house, Bhaskara yoga is formed. Brave, equal to king, konwledgeable in shastras, beutiful, likes music, expert in Vedas, wealthy, mathamatician, courageous, capable in all field. Marudyoga: — Moon in the quadrant from Sun, Jupiter in the 9th, Venus in the 5th or 9th house from Jupiter, Marudyoga is formed.

    Native is eloquent, braod minded, large stomach, learned in shastras, noble, expert in trade, King or equal to king. Lagnadhiyoga: — Mercury, Jupiter,and Venus if posited in 6th, 7th, 8th house Lagnadhiyoga is formed. Kartari Yoga: — It is of four type. Benefic in ascendant, shubhayoga, benefic in 2 nd and 12 th house Shubhakartari yoga, Malefic in 2 nd and 12 th house Papakartariyoga.

    If both are mixed kartari yoga is formed. Native of Shubhayoga is eloquent, beautiful, and virtuous. Native of Shubhakartariyoga is charming, wealthy, and strong. Native of Papakartariyoga is sinful, beggar, dirty.

    Yoga (Hindu astrology)

    Native of Mixed kartariyoga will have both qualities. Native is very wealthy, earns in many ways. Mahabhagya yoga : — If the native is born in male star, during day time, and Sun and Moon are posited in male signs, Mahabhagya yoga is formed. If the native is born in female star, during night, and Sun and Moon are posited then also Mahabhagya yoga is formed. Native is liked by king, wealthy and gains money, have children, happy life, enjoys riches and luxuries, long lived, savant, successful. Shresta yoga : — Lord of the 9 th house is strong, posited in ascendant, 3rd, or 9 th house, or exalted Shresta yoga is formed.

    Have position, happiness, honor, money, and fame. Parvata yoga : — Planets posited in all quadrants and no planet is posited in 8 th and 12 th and at least one planet is in 9 th house, then Parvata yoga is formed. King or leader of village or town, religious, humble, famous. Kahala Yoga : — Lords of 4 th and 10 th are posited in quadrant, and lord of the ascendant is strong, Kahala yoga is formed. Native is learned, humble, beautiful, have control over senses, officer off high rank, very wealthy. Shashi Mangala yoga : — Strong Moon and Mars posited in benefic houses 1, 5, 9, 4, and 10 Shashi Mangala yoga are formed.

    Always wealthy. Malika yoga : — Planets from Sun to Saturn are posited in 7 houses from ascendant, severally, Malika yoga is formed. Yoga is named from the house from where 7 planets are posited. Like Lagna malika, Dhana malika, Sahaja malika, Sukha malika etc. Malika starting from benefic houses give good results and from malefic houses gives malefic results. Chamara Yoga : — Lord of the ascendant is exalted and posited in quadrant in aspect to Jupiter Chamara Yoga is formed.

    Honored by king, Savant, elocutionist, learned of shastras, king, good longevity. Shankha Yoga : — Lords of 5 th and 6 th are posited in mutual quadrants, lord of the ascendant is exalted or strong, Shankha yoga is formed. Lord of the ascendant and 10 th house similarly posited and lord of the 9 th is strong then Shankha yoga is formed.

    Native enjoys wealth, and luxuries, learned in shastras, follows religious conventionalism, have wife, children, lands, wealth etc. Indulges in holy work, long lived. Bheri Yoga : — Planets posited in 2 nd , 7 th , and 12 th house from ascendant, lord of the 10 th is exalted or strong, Bheri yoga is formed. Native is long lived, devoid of fear and diseases, king, very wealthy, land owner, happy with wife and children, famous, follows religious conventionalism, brave, noble, skilful, of noble race.

    Mradunga Yoga : — Lord of the Navamsha among the Planet which is the strongest is posited in quadrant or trine, and strong, Mradunga Yoga is formed. Always enjoys the benefic results, beautiful, king, or equal to king, charitable.

    What is Vedic Astrology or Jyotisha? An Introduction to Hindu Astrology

    Shrinatha Yoga : — Lord of the 7 th is in 10 th house, Lord of the 10 th house is exalted and posited along with 9 th lord, Shrinatha yoga is formed. King, incomparable wealth, happiness. Sharada Yoga : — Lord of the 10 th in 5 th house, Mercury in quadrant, Sun is strong and posited in Leo or in trine house from Moon, Mars in trine to Mercury and Jupiter, or Jupiter is in 11 th house from Mercury, Sharada Yoga is formed. Matsya Yoga : — Malefic in 9 th house, malefic and benefic in 5 th house, malefic in 4 th and 8 th house, Matsya yoga is formed.

    Native is capable to fore tell the happenings in past, present and future, kind, Virtuous, wise, strong, beautiful, successful, learned, indulge in penance. Kurma Yoga :- Planets in exaltation are in friendly navamsha or own or friendly signs, posited in 5 th , 6 th , or 7 th house, and malefic in exaltation, own or friendly sign posited in 1 st , 3 rd , and 11 th house, Kurma yoga is formed. Native is famous, successful, kingly glory, religious, platonic, brave, happy, leader, shows gratitude in words. Khadga Yoga : — Lord of the 9th is posited in 2nd house, Lord of the ascendant in quadrant or trine, Khadga yoga is formed.

    Savant of Veda and Agama.

    Raja Yoga and other Yogas in Astrology

    Strategic, wise, Gallant, strong, happy, devoid of jealousy, by own endeavor becomes noble person, and grateful. Lakshmi Yoga: — Lord of the 9 th house is exalted or in Moola trikona, and that is a quadrant house, and lord of the ascendant is strong Lakshmi Yoga is formed. Beautiful, Virtuous, chief of many countries, learned, Kudos, emperor, many wives and children. Charitable, honored by king, have sensual enjoyment, from noble race, famous, brave, king or equal to king. Parijata Yoga: — Lord of the sign or Navamsha where in ascendant lord is posited is in quadrant or trine or in exaltation sign, Parijata Yoga is formed.

    Native will lead a happy life from middle of his age to the end. Honored by king, war liking, have vehicles, kind, and king. Kalanidhi Yoga: — Jupiter is in 2 nd or 5 th house from ascendant Venus, and Jupiter conjoined with Mercury or in their signs Kalanidhi Yoga is formed.

    Native is libidinous, beautiful, virtuous, honored by king, have vehicles, devoid of diseases or enemies, luxurious life. Holy person, visits shrines, expert in art, libidinous, strategic to meet well timed logic, conquers senses, savant of Vedas, king. If Jupiter, Moon, and Mercury are posited in 4 th , 9 th , and 8 th house from the lord of the 7 th house Hara Yoga. Sun, Venus, and Mars are posited in 4 th , 10 th and 11 th house from lord of the ascendant Brahma Yoga is formed. Native is learned in shastras, truthful, enjoys luxuries of life, eloquent, libidinous, wins over enemy, philanthropic, and indulges in holy work.

    Native is highly scholar, wealthy, enjoys life, noble Brahmin, intelligent, and likes Music, enthusiastic. Damini Yoga: — All seven planets if posited in 6 signs, Damini Yoga is formed. Native is charitable, indulges in sinful deeds, and protects cows. Pasha Yoga: — All planets posited in 5 signs Pasha Yoga is formed. Always busy in earning money, good mannered, good worker, have relatives. Kedara Yoga: — If all the seven planets posited in 4 signs Kedara Yoga is formed. Good agriculturist, have landed property, enjoys life. Shoola Yoga: — If all the 7 planets in 3 signs, Shoola Yoga is formed.

    Native is brave, suffers wounds, violence loving, devoid of money. Yuga Yoga: — If all the 7 planets in 2 signs Yuga yoga is formed. Devoid of money and wealth, an atheist. Gola Yoga: — If all the 7 planets in one sign, Gola yoga is formed. Native is dirty, devoid of money, uninstructed, bad in art, lazy, vagabond. Likes traveling, lives in foreign land, beautiful, Cruel, wicked.

    Musala Yoga: — If all the 7 planets in fixed signs, Musala Yoga is formed. Native is privileged, wealthy, liked by king, many children, famous, firm mind. Nala Yoga: — If all the 7 planets in dual signs, Nala Yoga is formed. A defective limb, skilful, likes relatives, beautiful. Always happy, have vehicles, attire, luxuries, beautiful, liked by women. Wicked, cruel, poor, sorrowful, lives on food given by others. Gada Yoga: — If all the 7 planets posited in two quadrant houses, Gada yoga is formed. Good job, performs sacrifice, expert in shastra and Music, accumulates gems, gold and precious metals in plenty.

    Shakata Yoga: — If all 7 planets posited in ascendant and 7 th house, Shakata Yoga is formed. Diseased, deformed nails, foolish, lively hood by driving cart, devoid of money, friends and relatives. Pakshi Yoga: — If all 7 planets are posited in 4 th and 10 th house, Pakshi Yoga is formed. Traveler, Messenger, quarrelsome, deceit, runs a brothel.


    Shrangataka Yoga: — all 7 planets in trines, Shrangataka Yoga are formed. Quarrelsome, warrior, happy, beautiful wife, wealthy, hates other woman. Hala Yoga: — all 7 planets in 2,6,10 or 3,7,11, or 4,8,12 houses, Hala Yoga are formed.

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    Native is glutton, poor, agriculturist, sorrowful, have relatives, servant. Yava Yoga: — Malefic in ascendant and 7 th house, benefic in 4 th and 10 th house, Yava Yoga is formed. Observes rites and rituals. Happy in middle life, have wealth and children, charitable, firm mind. This is possible only if Mercury and Venus are away from Sun more than 90 degrees.